Engaging with our stakeholders

We can only be successful if we consult widely with our stakeholders, listen to their concerns and work collaboratively.

These stakeholders are the people on whom we have the greatest impact - or who have the greatest impact on us. They include: suppliers, customers, non-government organisations (NGOs), government, consumers and local communities among others. We learn from these groups in a variety of ways: from meetings to formal surveys of employees, customers, and others.

Working in partnership

Increasingly, we are working together on social and environmental issues with partnerships to address issues of shared concern.

Our most longstanding partnership is for the project «Let’s save Yelnya together!» . Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus is working on this project together with the non-governmental organization APB Birdlife Belarus. The project ranked in the top 150 most vital ecological schemes on Earth by the Word Water Forum in Japan in 2003.

In addition, we work with

  • The National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus to promote sports and fitness
  • The Foreign Investment Advisory Council to improve business and investment environment in Belarus
  • UN Global Compact

    We actively participate in the Belarusian network of the UN Global Compact. Local networks are helping to bring the Global Compact to life in different national and cultural contexts. Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus was among the first group of Belarusian companies to join the UN Global Compact in December 2006. The General Manager of Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus chairs the Global Compact Network, which unites more then 60 local companies, NGOs and trade associations.

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