Educational environmental projects

Along with the water protection projects Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus considers educational environmental initiatives to be of crucial importance.

Starting from 2007 thanks to Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus support in a partnership with local NGO “APB Birdlife Belarus”, the organizer, the country has been taking part in the prestigious Stockholm Junior Water Prize. In 2011 Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus works with a new organizer of the contest - National Ecological Centre for Children in Belarus.

The international Stockholm Junior Water Prize aims to encourage young people's interest in issues concerning water and the environment. The finalists at the international Stockholm Junior Water Prize are the winners of National heats that make up the contest. The National entries come from pre-university students aged between 15 - 20 years of age who have carried out water-related projects.

Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus continues to be the national sponsor of the contest, providing its support at both regional and country levels. In addition, company experts volunteer to contribute their time and experience in training young researchers in presentation skills and other practical aspects of their projects.

Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus also supports the country’s well known Water Festival in Shumilino village which every year accommodates school age researchers and students who are concerned about water-resource protection in the country. In March 2009, the Water Festival united more than 120 young environmentalists from all across the country. They had a chance to present the results of their water protection projects, share best practices and gain new knowledge from other regions, visit a recovery and recycling facility, learn more about the environment and have fun. Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus experts were also invited as jury members of the Festival contests.

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