Water and environment protection

In addition to reducing the water we use in our bottling plant, we help protect local watersheds. Working together with government bodies, NGOs and others, we support conservation activities and raise public awareness.

Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus is particularly proud of playing a leading role in the extremely successful project named «Let’s save Yelnya together!». This internationally recognised initiative is a unique combination of both water protection and CO2 reduction.

Along with the water resources protection projects Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus considers educational environmental initiatives to be of high importance. In cooperation with APB Birdlife Belarus NGO and National Ecological Centre for Children in Belarus experts we are working on a range of programmes to raise youth awareness on water issues.
Since 2007 when Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus became the National sponsor of the contest, Belarus annually takes part in the Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus also supports the well known Water Festival in Shumilino village.

Coca-Cola Hellenic Group flagship programme is the award-winning Green Danube partnership, which is active in ten countries through which the River Danube passes. We organise major celebrations of Danube Day each year, helping to make people aware of the importance of the river and its conservation.

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