Community development

In addition to our strategic focus areas, we also respond to specific needs and concerns. Belarus is a country with great, but untapped investment opportunities.

Being part of a multinational group Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus can help to introduce progressive ideas and world best business practices, such as corporate social responsibility, to the nation.

One of the strategic platforms of our championing of business climate improvement in Belarus is the UN Global Compact network. Since its formation in December 2006 Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus has been the chairing member of the Global Compact Network which now unites over 60 local companies and NGOs. Indisputable CSR leader in Belarus for many years, Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus, is now happy to enjoy the esteem of a number of businesses sharing similar values.

Positive dialogue with the government, mass-media and community on CSR development issues is an important direction of Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus efforts within the Global Compact.

Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus plays an expert role within country’s committee on ISO 26000 “Guidelines on Social Responsibility” development. Our recommendations were incorporated into the governmental long-term ‘CSR development programme’. Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus’ CSR report 2008 was recognised as a best practice model by the local Global Compact Network.

Establishing partnership projects is a key priority of the Global Compact network. In collaboration with the UNDP Office in Belarus, Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus provides support for the Global Compact network project by helping to develop small businesses in regional towns with relatively high unemployment rates. In 2009 the official opening of the summer café at the shore of Lukoml Lake near the town of Novolukoml took place with the presence of Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus managers, Novolukoml town authorities and the UNDP Officials.

The project became the first example of community oriented investment of local businesses united by the Global Compact network.

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