Across the Coca-Cola Hellenic Group an extensive range water brands provide consumers with additional choice when selecting safe, appealing ways to obtain refreshments and the hydration necessary to lead a healthy, well-balanced life.

Water is vital to the health of all humans. Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus offers to its consumers six kinds of high quality water BonAqua.

Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus makes its BonAqua from well water, which is subjected to filtering and purification treatments before being bottled. All kinds of water BonAqua produced are in full compliance with international and local requirements.

We aim to satisfy our consumers by providing them with pleasantly-flavoured varieties that suit their lifestyles while contributing to their wellness.



BonAqua - Active modern life, emotional comfort and hydration are only possible with BonAqua.

The crystal clear pure drinking water BonAqua containing a vital ingredients for physical well-being, is bottled as a still, mild, sparkling and flavoured (Raspberry, Apple, Lemon) drink.

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